3 Reasons Why It's Time To Switch To Metal For Your Arizona Roof

3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Switch To Metal For Your Arizona Roof

Your Arizona home’s old roof is done. Worn out, sun-bleached, perhaps leaky. What do you replace it with? Given Arizona’s brutal weather, colossal temperature changes, and sand-laden winds, you want a metal roof. Here’s why.

1. Shingles Suffer in Arizona Weather

You may still be on the fence about replacing or repairing your shingle roof. Your local, reliable residential roofer is best qualified to gather evidence that the existing roof’s shingles are worn out. 

One fast inspection by a trained professional (Not you! Stay off your roof — it is slippery and dangerous!)  is usually enough to spot problems:

  • Abrasion and scouring from windborne sand
  • Cuts, scrapes, cracks, crazing, and cupping 
  • Thin or dislodged flashing
  • Dry, brittle shingles because all the chemicals have evaporated
  • Missing granules (your gutters provide that proof)
  • Major weather events of recent memory
  • Sheer age

A good roofer can also give you a sense of the quality of the original installation, the price point of the existing materials, and the maintenance the roof has received in its lifetime. For most Arizona homeowners, metal roofing is better than shingles. 

2. Economics

Without question, a metal roof costs more at installation than a fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof. (If a contractor tells you otherwise, find a better contractor.) Over the lifetimes of shingle and metal roofs, the metal roof comes out ahead. Way ahead! You will replace three shingle roofs in the lifespan of one metal roof. 

If you are tired of having your residential roofer out to your Arizona house at least once a year to patch the shingles, track down a roof leak, or clean ugly stains off, then you want a metal roof. Metal roofs are far less expensive to maintain than shingle roofs. You save money year in, year out with a metal roof. 

3. Return on Investment

If you want to recapture a substantial portion of your investment in a sturdy, beautiful roof, go with metal. The folks at Remodeling magazine peg the return on investment (ROI) at 58.2 percent for a metal roof in our region! That means you enjoy your metal roof for decades — decades — and still get back almost 60 percent of its value at resale! Contact us today at Vertex Roofing for the finest metal roof installation in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. We would be happy to show you the many reasons why a metal roof is your best choice for your Arizona home.