Vertex Roofing’s leadership team combines well over 70 years of experience in the construction field. After seeing roofing shingle manufacturers around the country repeatedly lower the quality of their products, we made a decision to specialize in a product that we could call “lifetime” and actually mean it! With a focus on providing customers with quality materials combined with expert craftsmanship, Vertex quickly became the #1 metal company in the northern Minnesota community. As a result of building a business with integrity and a strong focus on customer service, Vertex was approached by major nationwide metal roofing manufacturers and asked to expand to Arizona. As our business has continued to grow, Vertex has become the premier metal roofing company in Minnesota, Arizona and Wisconsin.

Our approach is to walk clients through all of their options, explain the installation process, answer all questions,and provide accurate job quotes, rather than ballpark figures. Vertex has gathered the most professional team members, from our expert installation teams all the way through to our phenomenal customer service representatives. While other companies are letting their products fall apart, Vertex has stepped up and continues to pave the way for future growth.

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