How To Tell If The Water Stains Are Condensation Or A Leak

How To Tell If The Water Stains Are Condensation Or A Leak

Science is all around us. Gravity pulls water downward, sometimes right through the ceilings of our Phoenix-area homes. Condensation makes water appear seemingly out of thin air. Spotting the difference between a roof leak and condensation can help you avoid costly repair bills.

Condensation Explained

Condensation is a phase change when water vapor — gaseous water — turns to liquid water. Condensation forms inside your home when more water is added to your indoor air than the air temperature can handle. Warmer air absorbs more water vapor than cooler air.

The pot of spaghetti water boiling on the stove? It’s sending out lots of water vapor. Some of the gaseous water condenses on your home’s interior surfaces.

Condensation comes from the kitchen, bathrooms, and dishwasher. Good air circulation and ventilation cure condensation problems. If you do not exchange your indoor air frequently enough, you may get condensation on:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Wood surfaces
  • Metal fixtures

Condensation causes mild discoloration, peeling paint, and warped wood.

Pro Tip: Long before you see condensation on ceilings, you will see it on the inside of glass windows. You then know you have condensation, not a roof leak!

Roof Leaks Explained

Roofs — whether shingle, tile, or metal roofs — leak when precipitation works its way through the multiple layers of the roof into your living space. You may notice the leak before if you make a habit (do you?) of crawling into your attic every now and then. You can look for discolored sheathing and joists, damp insulation, or actual water drips.

Ugly brown staining on ceilings is almost always a sign of a leak behind the paint, coming from above. The water has saturated the drywall and allowed mold to thrive. The ugly brown and black stains are from life processes of molds, mildew, and other single-cell organisms.

Your local, trustworthy residential roofer is the sure cure for a roof leak. Your roofer is qualified, trained, and equipped to inspect your roof inside and out, track down the leak, and stop water from infiltrating.

Pro Tip: Metal roofing seldom, if ever, causes condensation or roof leaks since the typical quality installation of a new metal roof includes a vapor barrier, air space between panels and sheathing, and other precautions.Your home in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area deserves the safety, beauty, and energy efficiency of a metal roof expertly installed by Vertex Roofing. Contact us today to learn about all the services we can provide your home’s roof.

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