How To Understand The Process Of Tearing Off Your Old Roof

How To Understand The Process Of Tearing Off Your Old Roof

The process of tearing off roof components to prepare your Phoenix or Tucson home for its new, gleaming metal roof combines skill, muscle, and accuracy. And don’t worry—we always protect your Chuparosa shrubs!


Professional painters say that 90 percent of a good paint job is preparation. Professional roofers know that a quarter of the total job involves preventing accidents, protecting clients’ homes, and setting up the job site. 

Metal roofing contractors prepare the area around your home’s roof by covering plants, removing patio furniture, and locating the dumpster to handle the roof debris. The goal with the dumpster is to get it as close to the roof as possible to prevent damage from removing your old roof. 


Roofs are dangerous. Most residential roofs are classified as “steep-slope” roofing, so crews implement safety protocols: fall arrest equipment, crew awareness, and constant communication. 

Your family’s and pets’ safety is a roofer’s concern, too. Expect the site manager to recommend keeping kids and pets inside for much of the roofing process, from tear-off to new metal roof installation


Each type of roofing—tile, metal, or shingle—has unique components to be removed, but for almost all tear-offs, the hours-long process is essentially the same:

  • Roofers remove field material (shingles, metal panels, or tiles) and either send it for recycling or discard it in the dumpster
  • Accessories—such as drip edge, ridge vents, and corroded flashing—are removed and disposed of
  • Flashing and rubber boots around roof projections are removed, either to be reinstalled later or replaced with fresh, new materials
  • All underlayment, fasteners, and nails are removed to expose the sheathing for inspection


Your initial estimate for metal roof replacement may have included a specific number of sheathing sheets. Exposed sheathing may show damage, requiring more sheathing to be replaced. This is a change order in your Scope of Work; nobody could foresee the need for replacement. 

As the old materials are removed, the crew positions new roofing materials to maximize efficiency. You may have trouble noticing when the crew moves from tear-off to installing your new roof

A roofing crew member will also police your yard to pick up stray debris, work that continues throughout the day and then again at the day’s end. To learn more about installing a new metal roof, contact us today at Vertex Roofing, Inc. We will be glad to go over the steps, including tear-off, financing, and selecting the perfect metal roof for your Phoenix or Tucson home.

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