Why Hiring A Roofer With The Right Insurance Is Important

Why Hiring A Roofer With The Right Insurance Is Important

Conscientious roofers know the importance of roofers having insurance, and homeowners should, too. Proper insurance and credentials protect not only the metal roofing contractor, but also all the contractor’s customers.


In our day-to-day work with homeowners in both Minnesota and Arizona, we often run into timid folks who — despite making a substantial investment in a beautiful, gleaming metal roof — are hesitant to ask basic questions. Do not be that homeowner! You are the client, and the contractor is providing a valuable service. Ask the tough questions!

Ask your contractor basic questions like these:

  • Do you use subcontractors? — The right answer here is, “Never,” because subcontractors are not insured under the contractor’s protection and can expose you, the homeowner, to things like Workers Liens.
  • Are you a general contractor? — The right answer here is, “No,” because general contractors lack the right insurance and training for installing metal roofing, a very specialized trade with its own unique risks and liability exposure.
  • Do you have Workers Compensation insurance? — Here the correct answer, always, is, “Yes, and here is a photocopy of our current insurance,” because without this, you could be vulnerable to lawsuits and liens if an employee of the roofer is injured while working on your home.
  • Do you have general liability insurance? — Same as with Workers Compensation insurance, you want the answer, “Yes, and here is a photocopy for you to keep,” since accidents involving the contractor and your property could wind up on your insurance if the contractor lacks liability protection.


A roofer, handyman, or general contractor who cannot produce some evidence of these basic protections puts you, your family, and your very home at risk.

Suppose you hire a handyman service to install a metal roof (big mistake for many reasons!) and their day-hire accidentally drives the company’s work truck into your home’s exterior wall.

It may only be a few thousand dollars damage, but without insurance of the handyman service, your homeowner’s policy may take the brunt of the fiscal pain. You could also be forced to pay out-of-pocket expenses. The situation is far worse and financially catastrophic if a metal roofing worker is injured on your property. Vertex Metal Roofing carries all the right credentials. Contact us today to see why you can rely on us to provide not only a great metal roof for your Phoenix home but also peace of mind throughout the process from material selection through installation and final inspection.

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