A Metal Roof Can Greatly Enhance Your Home in Cook, Tower, Ely, or a Surrounding Minnesota City

Metal Roof Cook MNVertex Roofing can install a metal roof on your home in Cook, Tower, Ely, or elsewhere in Minnesota. We install three types of metal roofs: standing seam, painted, and stone coated. Our standing seam roofs are manufactured by us with specialty machinery that custom-bends and -cuts the metal and roll forms it onsite to ensure a precise fit. Our other metal roofing types feature the aesthetic of slate, shake, or shingle roofing, but are manufactured to have the durability and longevity of steel.

There are many benefits to having a metal roof installed on your home in Cook, Tower, Ely, or another nearby city, including:

  • Protection from the elements – Our roofs come with Class A Fire Ratings, and are also resistant to wind and hail damage. This means that they will stand up to anything nature throws its way without breaking down.
  • Durability – Our metal roofs are a permanent solution. They will last a lifetime without needing constant repairs or upkeep.
  • Beauty – You’ll be able to choose from a variety of color options to ensure your new metal roof matches the aesthetic of your home completely.
  • Energy efficiency – Since our roofs reflect radiant heat rather than absorb it, they will reduce the amount of heat that escapes into your home through your roof, keeping your home comfortable in the summertime.

Along with installing a beautiful metal roof that will greatly enhance your home’s overall value, we’re happy to also install soffit and fascia to boost your home’s curb appeal. Our soffit and fascia comes in multiple colors, styles, and finishes, so you can be sure they will be the perfect complement to your home’s exterior.

Contact Vertex Roofing today to learn more about our metal roof products and services. We’re pleased to work with homeowners in Cook, Tower, Ely, and nearby communities in Minnesota.