Curious About Metal Roofing for Your Home in the Ashland, WI, Area?

Metal Roofing Ashland WIAt Vertex Roofing, our customers in the Ashland, Wisconsin, area come to us with many different reasons for why they need their roofs replaced. For example, some roofs have storm damage, some roofs require constant repairs, and some roofs just become eyesores over time. No matter what your reasons are for replacing your roof, the expert team at Vertex can help. We install metal roofing for our customers because we believe it is the most durable material available and can last a lifetime. In fact, we provide a lifetime warranty for our roofs to prove that we truly believe in their long-lasting nature.

Metal roofing is ideal for reasons that go beyond durability, although that is an important factor. With a metal roof installed, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Better protection from the elements – Our metal roofs are backed with a Class A fire rating and a Class 4 impact rating against hail. Some of our roofs even feature wind warranties up to 120 mph.
  • A beautiful aesthetic – Since our roofs resemble traditional materials like wood shakes or architectural shingles, and since they come in a number of beautiful color options, you can count on your new metal roof to upgrade the aesthetic of your home’s exterior in a wonderful way.
  • Easier snow maintenance – Say goodbye to shoveling snow off your roof! With a metal roof, the snow slides right onto the ground, so your only concern during a snowstorm is whether you want to curl up with a good book or a good movie inside your warm home.

If you want to replace your roof, make sure to choose the system that will last a lifetime – metal roofing from Vertex Roofing. To schedule a consultation at your home in Ashland, WI, contact us today.