Why Metal Roofing is the Best Investment for Your Home in Phoenix, AZ, or a Neighboring City

Metal Roofing Phoenix AZThere’s no doubt about it: metal roofing is an excellent investment for your home in Phoenix, Arizona, or a nearby city. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your roof because your current system needs constant repairs, is leaking, or simply doesn’t look good anymore, consider having a metal roof installed. You may be contemplating having a more affordable asphalt shingle roof installed, but if you do, you’ll be back in the same situation of needing a roof replacement in 10 to 15 years whereas a metal roof will last a lifetime. That’s right – you won’t need to think about replacing the roof on your home ever again.

Metal roofing is also highly energy efficient, as they reflect the sun’s solar energy, lessening the amount of heat that enters your home through your roof. So, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills and a reduced workload on your air conditioner, as your home will maintain a comfortable indoor temperature much more easily.

In addition, a metal roof is considered an investment-grade roofing material, as it can raise the resale value of your home, and, in some instances, result in a reduction of your homeowner’s insurance by as much as 30 percent. So, while a metal roof will cost more upfront, it is the more affordable option in the long run since you’ll save money on roof replacements, roof repairs, energy bills, and perhaps homeowner’s insurance rates.

When you’re looking for an experienced contractor to install metal roofing in Phoenix, AZ, count on Vertex Roofing. We solely install metal roofs for our customers because we believe it is the best material on the market. Our installers are highly trained and use specialty tools to properly install the roofs, ensuring they perform flawlessly for decades.

If you want to discuss the metal roofing products we install for homeowners in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding cities, contact Vertex Roofing today.