Multiple Styles of Metal Roofs Available to Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ

Metal Roofs Phoenix AZMore and more homeowners are choosing to have metal roofs installed on their homes in Phoenix, Arizona, rather than opting for conventional asphalt shingle roofs. A metal roof is the ideal option because of its durability and energy efficiency. Not only will metal roofs last a lifetime requiring little to no maintenance through the years, but they will also reflect rather than absorb radiant heat. This means that a reduced amount of heat will escape into your home through your roof, helping your home maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature.

Vertex Roofing is a premier metal roofer serving Phoenix area residents, offering the best possible products available installed by factory-trained roofers. Our metal roofs are available in three wonderful styles, including:

  • Standing seam – Manufactured in our highly advanced metal shop, these roofs are made using special computerized machines that custom-bend and -cut the metal, providing exact trim work. And, since the roofing panels will be seamed on instead of snapped into place, you can be assured they will not come apart and common roofing issues, like leaks or ice dams, will be a worry of the past.
  • Painted – Combining the charming look of slate, shake, or shingle roofing, this style features a deluxe Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coating or finish that will provide flawless, fade-proof color retention. It is also resistant to splitting, cracking, peeling, and warping.
  • Stone coated – You’ll be able to choose between the shake and shingle design styles and from among several beautiful color variations. In addition, these metal roofs are Class A Fire Rated and Class 4 Impact Rated against hail.

So, if you’d like to learn more about our metal roofs, give Vertex Roofing a call today. We’re confident that we will be the last roofing contractor you’ll ever need in Phoenix, AZ. Guaranteed.