A Roof Replacement You Can Rely On in Minneapolis, MN

Roof Replacement Minneapolis MNIs it time for a roof replacement at your home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or a neighboring city? There are specific signs that signify it’s time to remove your old roof, such as damaged shingles, too many leaks, or lessened energy efficiency in your home. Your roof may also just not look good anymore, providing a dinged-up appearance. If any of this sounds familiar, turn to the No. 1 metal roofing company in northern Minnesota – Vertex Roofing. We can install a beautiful, long-lasting metal roof at your home.

When you partner with Vertex Roofing for a roof replacement in Minneapolis, MN, we’ll begin with a complimentary design consultation during which we’ll:

  • Inspect your current roofing system to locate any problematic areas that need to be addressed
  • Develop a new roofing system that will better meet your needs
  • Discuss the different styles of roofs we offer and help you select the best option for your home
  • Provide you with an exact estimate and written proposal on the spot

The roof replacement products we install are beautiful, energy efficient, and highly durable. They resemble traditional roof materials, like wood shakes or architectural shingles, and come in a variety of colors to provide a boost of curb appeal. Plus, since they deflect the sun’s solar energy, they will lessen the amount of heat that enters your home through your roof in the summer months. Even better – our roofs can last a lifetime and we provide a lifetime warranty to back up this claim.

If you want to schedule a roof replacement at your home in Minneapolis, MN, contact Vertex Roofing today.