Durable Sheet Metal Roofing Installed by the Seasoned Professionals at Vertex Roofing for Phoenix, AZ, Homeowners

Sheet Metal Roofing Phoenix AZAt Vertex Roofing, we’re experts in sheet metal roofing for the Phoenix, Arizona, community. If you’re thinking about having a new roof installed on your home, don’t settle for conventional asphalt shingle roofing that you’ll just need to replace in another 10 to 15 years. Instead, choose a roofing material that will last a lifetime. The standing seam metal roofs at Vertex Roofing will do exactly that. We guarantee it will be the last roof you’ll ever need – and we back this claim with an impressive lifetime warranty.

You’ll find that many companies in the Phoenix, AZ, area offer sheet metal roofing, but Vertex Roofing stands out because we:

  • Manufacture this roofing in-house in our advanced metal shop, so we control the quality and know that the roofs we install on our customers’ homes are the very best of the best.
  • Ensure the roof is made specifically for your home, as our specialty machines can custom-bend and -cut the metal.
  • Do not snap the panels together, which is what the majority of roofing companies do, but instead seam the panels directly onto your roof to ensure precise work.

In addition to being a top-of-the-line product, a Vertex Roofing standing seam metal roof is also energy efficient, since it will reflect the sun’s solar energy. This means you won’t need to rely on your cooling system as much to keep your home’s temperature optimal during the hot summer months. In turn, you can potentially lower your cooling costs and overall energy consumption.

Turn to Vertex Roofing for sheet metal roofing that looks great and performs well, too. To schedule a complimentary consultation in Phoenix, AZ, contact us today.