Steel Roofing Installation Services for Minneapolis, MN, Homeowners

Steel Roofing Minneapolis MNReplacing the roofing on your home is an important home improvement upgrade. You want to choose an option that will last for decades, and this is why steel roofing is the best choice for your home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or a surrounding city. Unlike conventional asphalt shingle roofs that fail within 10 to 15 years, a steel roof will last for a lifetime. Vertex Roofing, the No. 1 metal roofing company in the northern Minnesota community, is proud to install durable steel roofs for area homeowners in multiple style options and color selections.

Some of the benefits our steel roofing provides for Minneapolis area homeowners include:

  • Protection from the elements – All of our roofs are Class A Fire Rated, and are resistant to damage from wind and hail.
  • Energy efficiency – Since our roofs reflect rather than absorb solar heat, they can help reduce cooling costs by lessening heat transfer.
  • Value – Our roofs are investment-grade roofing, meaning that they can improve the resale value of homes and, in some areas, result in a reduction of homeowner’s insurance by up to 30 percent.

Plus, when you hire Vertex Roofing for steel roofing, you’ll not only receive a durable product that will stand the test of time, but you can also be certain that it will be installed to the highest standards. Our installers are factory trained and experienced in all stages of roofing installation, and you can expect a precise, efficient installation from our team.

If you would like more information on our steel roofing products and installation services, contact Vertex Roofing today. We’ll be pleased to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home in Minneapolis, MN.