What Are the Advantages of a Metal Roof?

Is it time to replace your home’s roof? This is a task not many homeowners are all that excited to tackle, as it’s a fairly significant investment and means having a construction crew at your home for weeks on end. Plus, there are so many choices to make, starting with the biggest question: What type of roofing material should you choose? Here at Vertex Roofing, we feel confident in saying that metal is the top choice when it comes to roofing materials. Here’s why:

It Is Energy Efficient

A metal roof reflects and does not absorb the sun’s solar energy. Rather than your roof collecting all of the sun’s heat and then transferring that hot air down into your home—and thus, requiring you to continually turn down your air conditioning to find a comfortable temperature—the solar energy will bounce off your roof and reflect back to the sun. And you can leave your thermostat alone.

It Provides Protection Against the Elements

A metal roof is often engineered to withstand high winds, punishing rain, unrelenting heat, and heavy snow. At Vertex Roofing, our metal roofs come backed with Class A fire ratings and Class 4 impact ratings against hail—the highest ratings available. Plus, they feature wind warranties of up to 120 mph.

It Will Upgrade Your Home

You probably have not noticed the number of metal roofs in your neighborhood. Why? Because they resemble other roofing materials! Perhaps your nearest neighbor has eye-popping shingles or wood shakes that make you envious. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he has a metal roof that’s masquerading as a traditional roofing style. Vertex’s metal roofs resemble wood shakes, architectural shingles, and slate roofing for a look that will upgrade the curb appeal of any home.

It Is a Lifetime Solution

Perhaps most importantly of all, a metal roof lasts a lifetime. Its engineering can withstand decades of wear and tear without breaking down, and that’s why Vertex Roofing backs our roofs with lifetime warranties. A Vertex Roofing roof will be the last one you ever need. Guaranteed.

Contact Vertex Roofing today to learn more about our metal roofs and their advantages. We’ll be glad to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home.