Why Vertex Roofing Believes in Doing Their Own Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication. Perhaps you’ve heard of the term. More likely than not, you aren’t overly familiar with it, especially if you’re a residential homeowner. If you’ve been considering replacing your existing roof with a metal one, understanding the advantages of in-house custom metal fabrication can make a difference in your overall satisfaction with your new roof.

What Is In-House Custom Metal Fabrication In The Roofing Industry?

Residential homeowners have various options when deciding to install metal roofing for their next project. 

  • They can choose from a minimal selection of off-the-shelf items. 
  • They can attempt to order custom metal fittings through a large national distributor. 
  • They can hire a professional roofing contractor to perform in-house custom fabrication to ensure a perfect fit.

When you involve an established professional who can conduct in-house custom fabrication of metal roofing (including components), it ensures a perfect fit that matches design specifications every time. Fewer cuts are needed. Less risk of pieces not fitting correctly. Instead, you receive seal-tight fittings (i.e., ideally, no caulk covers) using only the highest quality metal materials.

Custom metal work on a roof
Side view of custom metal work on a roof

Custom Metal Fabrication Ensures Perfect Color Match

One major concern among homeowners is whether their metal roof (and corresponding roofing components) will share a perfect color match. As a homeowner, you may not receive an exact color match when choosing off-the-shelf roofing or involving pre ordered custom metal fittings. In many cases, the color contrast can be distracting. Avoid that possibility with in-house fabrication.

5 Benefits Of In-House Custom Metal Fabrication When Installing A New Metal Roof

1. A Lightweight, Malleable Alternative To Heavier, Denser Roofing Materials

Metal roofing is tomorrow’s roofing technology today. Astute buyers understand the value of durability and performance. They also don’t want to deal with changing out their roof once or twice during their ownership. Metal roofing is lightweight yet remarkably durable. It weighs ½ to ⅓ as much as common roofing materials such as asphalt shingle and slate tile. An in-house custom metal fabricator can efficiently work with metal because it offers incredible flexibility during the customization process as components are prepared.

2. Added Ability To Create A Unique Design Layout

Off-the-shelf metal roofing provides minimal options. In fact, you may only have two or three choices. Similarly, non-in-house custom fittings ordered through an external vendor may not fit your specifications perfectly. Depending on your home’s layout, the available alternatives may not be suitable. When working with a custom metal fabricator, you can select from a virtually unlimited array of styles and designs. They can choose the precise fit for your home to ensure it offers the best results (in terms of longevity, durability, and curb appeal).

metal brake press

3. Enhanced Durability And Long-Term Performance

Metal roofing has a reputation for an extended lifespan compared to other roofing materials. Generally, it lasts from 40 to 80 years. In many instances, its life expectancy could exceed 100 years. In-house custom metal fabrication enables the roofing professional to identify the appropriate metal material for your home to ensure reliability and performance. After this step, they can install the metal components and make on-the-spot adjustments to fit your home. Metal also can be coated with a special finish to add years of life.

4. Improved Compatibility With Existing Home Features

Mixing and matching with generic, off-the-shelf metal forms may not yield the preferred (or ideal) results. Ordering custom fittings from a third-party supplier does not guarantee compatibility either. Why take that chance? By choosing an in-house custom metal fabricator, you benefit from their knowledge and experience in preparing metal components that integrate seamlessly with your existing home. Leverage today’s cutting-edge metal fabrication technologies and methodologies to ensure the right, permanent fit for your home.

5. Increased Time Efficiency And Improved Accuracy With Results

Homeowners have more choices than ever when it comes to metal roofing suppliers. A number of manufacturers market custom fittings. However, they rely heavily (if not exclusively) on the information you provide them to prepare the custom fittings. How do you know that the product received fits perfectly? You don’t! Not until it’s too late. Avoid this risk. When you hire an in-house custom metal fabricator, fewer cuts must be made (i.e., there is less piece-mealing together). Don’t settle for mismatched parts or less-than-ideal results.

Hiring A Roofing Professional To Perform In-House Custom Metal Fabrication

If you own a home in Greater Phoenix, the Tucson Metropolitan Area, or Northern Minnesota, consider metal for your next roofing project. Metal roofing offers all the advantages of asphalt shingle or clay tile without the drawbacks of either alternative. At Vertex Metal Roofing, we specialize exclusively in metal roofing. In fact, we custom fabricate our work in-house and pass the time and cost savings to you.

Contact Vertex Metal Roofing today to learn more about our roofing services or to schedule an appointment (and receive a free estimate).

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