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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Roofing Contractor!

Working on a roof is dangerous because it exposes you to injuries and, in extreme cases, death. Several issues can also cripple the project and lead to a shortened lifespan for your roof, including improper installation and sub-par material use. So, what should you do? Simple. Hire a roofing contractor. Here are more reasons a roofing contractor is indispensable on any roofing project:

1. A local roofer is familiar with the weather in your area.

Weather conditions can affect a roofing system in numerous ways. Extreme heat, for instance, can encourage shingles to crack, which may force the nails holding them down to pop out. On the other hand, excessive or uneven moisture leads to curling, cupping, and similar issues in shingles.

A skilled roofer knows the local weather and its effect on different roofing products. They can help you pick components likely to last long in the prevailing conditions. A roofing contractor can also recommend tips for preventing premature damage, like using protective plywood to avoid storm damage.

2. A local roofer knows how to deal with local permit requirements.

Depending on location, you may need a building permit to execute various roofing projects. For instance, you need a building permit to install a new roof in Minnesota. And authorities give these documents to licensed contractors or, in some cases, property owners. Some regions also require roofers to apply for permits before undertaking any repairs.

Working without a permit can cause massive issues. For starters, authorities can impose fines or other penalties. In some cases, they may even ask you to rip up the entire roofing system, causing immense losses.

3. Professional Roofers have reviews from locals and a reputation to uphold.

Reputable roofing contractors know that online reviews influence customer acquisition and retention. For this reason, they encourage property owners to rate their services and send feedback whenever possible. And they respond to customer reviews without hesitation.

Since most roofers know that prospects browse online reviews before choosing their services, they do all they can to avoid negative comments. That includes providing exceptional services and rectifying any issues in record time. Failure to do that leads to a tainted reputation and fewer paying customers.

4. A roofing contractor can foresee and stave off potential issues that might cause damage in the future.

For numerous reasons, a roof can develop issues like roof water leaks, pools, broken shingles, and damaged flashing. These include insufficient slope, incompatible building materials, and excessive deck deflection. Most of these arise from poor artisanship, a problem often associated with untrained individuals.

But an experienced roofer can shield your home from roofing issues caused by poor workmanship by using suitable materials and techniques. Plus, they have enough experience in their field that they can quickly & easily mitigate common roofing problems.

5. Roofers have specific training from product manufacturers for installing products to ensure the longest lifespan.

Did you know that manufacturers use specific courses to train roof installers? By doing that, they ensure contractors how to handle and use their products correctly.

After completing the courses, roofing contractors receive certificates indicating they can properly install specific components. Remember, proper installation is vital to ensuring that your roof meets and exceeds its serviceable life.

6. Roofing contractors have insurance for their employees.

A roofer’s job requires them to work from significant heights. As such, these jobs are often exposed to numerous injuries, ranging from shattered bones and amputations to spinal cord problems and head injuries.

If you or any other untrained individual falls from your roof and suffers injuries, you may have to assume liability. But professional contractors use policies like workman’s comp, which protect you from complications caused by such issues, including hospital bills and lost wages.

7. Roofers have ample equipment.

Roofing projects require tools and equipment like scissors lifts, tear-off shovels, nail guns, protective gear, utility knives, and air compressors. They serve numerous functions, including reducing the risk of injury and ensuring installation or any other process is smooth and seamless. Unless you are a roofer, getting such equipment can be challenging because you have to buy or rent them. Let an expert with the right tools help out to avoid all that hassle.

8. Roofers have experience, meaning they can work faster.

Most roofers become certified operatives by completing the relevant courses and apprenticing. That means they not only have a theoretical knowledge, but also years of hands-on experience, enabling them to work faster and complete projects quickly.

9. Roofers have working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.

Professional roofers work with specific manufacturers and suppliers for extended periods and form close relationships. Their bond helps them access high-quality products and materials at discounted rates. To enjoy significant savings on your next roofing project, team up with a pro.

10. Insurance companies will accept a roofer’s work.

Insurance companies often deny roofing claims for a multitude of reasons, manufacturer defects and poor workmanship among them. If your policy provider realizes that your roof was handled by a novice or nonprofessional, they may base denial on the latter. Besides, gauging quality materials can be tricky if you’re not a pro.

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