Frequently Asked Questions

What you would experience with a metal roof will be virtually the same as what you hear on any conventional asphalt roof.

Metal roofing holds up better than any other type of roofing material! It won’t crack, break, or shatter, and you will even be able to have a warranty that covers it against hail damage!  Even better, a metal roof is the ONLY type of roof that is just as durable in years 10 and 20 as it is in year 1.

What surprises most people is that at typically 1-1.5 pounds per square foot, a metal roof is one of the lightest choices for your roof.  It is nearly half the weight of asphalt shingles and 7 to 10 times lighter than tile!

No! In fact, for people who live in a harsh summer climate like Arizona, having a steel roofing system from Vertex is one of the most energy-efficient choices you can make for your home resulting in up to a 40% reduction on your home cooling costs!

Definitely not!  There are many variations to standing seam, and with the varying styles also come varying qualities. Even if you narrow things down to one type of standing seam, it is important to remember that there is not only one way to install these roof systems.  There are many installation details that can either give you peace of mind or problems in the future, depending on how they are done.

A quality metal roof will not fade! Whether or not one fades depends greatly on a variety of factors, the biggest being what type of paint finish is on the metal because not all paint finishes are equal! We have seen roofs that started off brown but chalked up, faded, and became tan and white over time because a contractor used an inferior product. The best finishes are Kynar 500© or Hylar 5000©. With these finishes, you won’t need to worry about fading issues.

Whether someone WANTS to have their existing shingles removed can often be a matter of personal preference after weighing the pros and cons. As far as what MUST be done with regards to a tear-off prior to installing a metal roof, we look to building code. According to building code, there are two situations in which you MUST have the existing shingles removed. The first would be if there are two or more layers of existing shingles. The second would be if there is only one layer, but there is extensive rotted decking which would need to be replaced.

Absolutely! In fact, a standing seam roof is the BEST type of roof to have when getting solar.  With a standing seam roof, rather than the solar company having to penetrate the roof repeatedly as they would with every other type of roof in order to anchor the solar mounts, they will instead utilize S-5 clamps that attach to the seams of a standing seam system. This results in the solar panels getting mounted to your roof without the need to create a bunch of holes that will leak in the future!

Part of how Vertex came into existence was out of the frustration and lack of integrity seen within the shingle industry. We were continuously seeing products promoted and advertised as 30, 40, & 50 years, or even lifetime products! The problem was that we knew through experience that there was zero chance of those products living up to those labels. In addition, the warranties that people were actually getting were nothing close to what they were led to believe. From an integrity standpoint, we couldn’t stand by any of that. We wanted to be able to say “lifetime” and mean it! 

There is no way to know how much a properly installed metal roof system will cost without first seeing the project. However, we always recommend people take the time to understand what their job entails so they can know what the price represents. You, your home, and your needs are not the same as everyone else. That is why when we meet with you, we will take the time to discuss options, show the materials and installation details involved, and design a system together that will address your unique needs. As such, we always tell people that our metal roofs are priced by the job. The detail we put into it all will give you peace of mind as you’ll know what you’re getting rather than hoping it is what you envisioned. You’ll have an exact, detailed estimate to decide on, not an ambiguous ballpark figure that tells you little to nothing about what you’re actually getting.

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