Standing Seam Metal Roofing

A standing seam metal roofing system is a perfect choice for residential and commercial properties in Arizona and Minnesota. This durable roofing system offers superior protection against the elements while providing a sleek, modern aesthetic.

At Vertex Metal Roofing, we specialize in installing top-quality standing seam metal roofs that are built to last. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we guarantee a seamless roofing solution that enhances the beauty of your property and provides unmatched longevity and energy efficiency.

What is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Standing seam roof systems are the most common type of permanent metal roofing and the most common type of roof system we install. Panels are manufactured by running large coils of sheet metal through a roll-forming machine. Those panels are then combined with the custom-formed trim components of a roof, such as eave edges, rake edges, ridge caps, z-bars, and more, for a proper installation. We can install standing seam roof systems on roofs with pitches as low as 1/4:12 slope.

There are many variables when it comes to standing seam roof systems. For starters, there isn’t only one type of standing seam. There are lower-quality snaplock panels, batten cap panels, and better-quality mechanically seamed panels. Each of those panel categories has several different types as well! There are also different gauges of the metal used (the lower the number, the thicker the metal when talking about gauge), various grades of paint finishes, and multiple options for trim pieces.

Even when narrowing down a type of panel and the trim components, there isn’t just one cookie-cutter way to install the roof system. Naturally, there are “best practice” installation

Rustic Home With Standing seam Metal Roof

Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofs in Arizona and Minnesota

Installing a standing seam metal roof offers various benefits that make it a smart investment for your property in Arizona or Minnesota.

With proper installation and maintenance, standing seam metal roofs can last 50+ years, significantly outlasting traditional asphalt shingle roofs.

Standing seam metal roofing systems are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, including hail, high winds, snow, and intense UV exposure, ensuring your property remains well-protected.

Metal roofing systems are excellent at reflecting solar rays, helping to reduce cooling costs and improve energy efficiency, particularly in warm climates like Arizona.

Standing seam metal roofs require minimal maintenance compared to tile or asphalt, eliminating the need for regular repairs or replacements.

Standing seam metal roofing systems are available in various colors and styles that will enhance any property’s curb appeal and architectural character, adding value to your investment.

Customer Experience

When we discuss your standing seam project with you, we will show you these differences. This will ensure that your roof is correctly done by people who have the right tools and know what they’re doing. One of the enormous benefits of working with Vertex for your standing seam project is that we own the equipment to make all our metal roofing products in-house, including the panels and trim components. That means that we’re not paying a 3rd party company to manufacture your roof in another state, crate it up, and ship it to us with the hope that there won’t be any damage when uncrated at your job. Instead, you can watch us manufacture panels right in front of your home when we bring our state-of-the-art roll former to your job! We’ll also have all of the trim pieces custom-made specifically for your roof right in our shop. During your installation, if any additional panels or custom trim pieces are needed, we’ve got that covered. We can have them ready quickly rather than waiting weeks or months for an out-of-state manufacturer to make more and ship them.

Frequently Asked Standing Seam Metal Roof Questions

Metal roofing systems are excellent at reflecting solar rays, helping to reduce cooling costs and improve energy efficiency, particularly in warm climates like Arizona.

One of the essential advantages of standing seam metal roofs is their exceptional longevity. When correctly installed and maintained, they can last 50+ years, outlasting most other roofing materials on the market.

Contrary to popular belief, standing seam metal roofs are not significantly noisier than other roofing materials during rain or hail storms. The solid deck installation and insulation used in most metal roof systems effectively minimize noise levels.

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Vertex Metal Roofing is dedicated to providing exceptional service and top-quality workmanship on all our metal roofing projects. We offer various metal roofing options to suit your specific needs and unique preferences and guarantee a seamless installation process.Contact Vertex Metal Roofing today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how a standing seam metal roof can enhance the beauty, durability, and energy efficiency of your property. Our knowledgeable roofing contractors are ready to answer any questions you have and guide you through the entire process, ensuring a stress-free and rewarding experience.

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