The soffit on a house is the overhang at the top of a wall. Some houses have soffit while others do not.

The fascia is a piece of wood that is between the outer edge of the soffit and the edge of the roof. On a house with no soffits, the fascia would be between the top of the wall and the edge of the roof.

Now that you know what Soffit and Fascia is, how much do you love to spend money on painting and repainting your soffits and/or fascia every few years? How about when the wood is so far gone that you have to add in some carpentry work? Let’s put an end to those headaches and unnecessary and ongoing expenses once and for all. Wrapping the fascia on your home can be done with or without the soffits included and will give you some great benefits like never needing to repaint again and protecting the wood from future damage. On top of that, you’ll instantly have a huge upgrade in curb appeal for your home. Vertex roofing offers different colors and styles for soffit and fascia so your home can be customized to your taste.

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