3 Reasons Why We Keep Everything For Your Standing Seam Roof In-House

3 Reasons Why We Keep Everything For Your Standing Seam Roof In-House

Keeping “everything in-house” means one company performs all aspects of a job, like making custom kitchen cabinets or installing metal roofing. Doing the work “in-house” protects the customer, company, and finished product (whether a breakfast island or a standing seam metal roof). Nothing escapes the discerning eyes of the people making the item. 

1. Scheduling Your Project

Have you ever tried to arrange a meeting with three busy people? First, you look hours ahead, then days, then weeks…you get the idea. 

When you work with one superior company for your complete standing seam metal roof installation, you deal with only two calendars: your own and ours.

We can eliminate supply chain issues by keeping all the steps in-house. We simplify your life and work around your needs, not having to worry about subcontractors and their hit-and-miss schedules.

2. Gives You Added Quality

How can you control the quality of something you do not make? You really cannot. You have to hope the supplies, fabricators, and installers do a “good enough” job. Vertex Roofing will not allow the “good enough” quality; we demand better of ourselves. After all, good enough just isn’t right.

We use only high-quality materials for our standing seam metal roofs. By controlling the materials, fabricating your roof’s metal parts ourselves, and installing those many integrated parts correctly — keeping everything in-house — we can reject inferior materials and flawed panels before they reach your home.

We bring the metal to your home and cut it precisely for your roof, right down to the eighth of an inch. Because of this, we have greater control in providing you a flawlessly installed metal roof. We want our customers to be thrilled and proud of their gleaming new metal roof.

3. Consistency of Installation

Most subcontractors are concerned with installation speed, not quality. Whose name is attached to a project? Not the subcontractor’s name! When you craft the components of a metal roof and then are responsible for installing those same pieces, you care about the entire process. You work for the company whose name is attached to the roof. The customer’s smile is part of the reward; knowing you did an excellent job is another. 

Roofing crews who do tile, shingle, composite, low-slope, and metal roofs can never do as good a job as crews who work only on metal roofs. When you put down standing seam or stone-coated steel roofs every day, you become an expert at metal roofs. You develop a consistency of installation. 

You can have peace of mind knowing the material AND installation for your roof are of the highest quality. Getting the materials right is one thing. Getting those materials installed correctly for your home is something entirely different. Our metal specialists only do metal roofs. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your lifetime roof is being done the way it needs to be done.

When it comes right down to it, we do all of our metalwork in-house to give you a lifetime roof. We want you to have no headaches with your new metal roof. Contact us today at Vertex Roofing at our offices in the Iron Range of Minnesota or in Arizona’s Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas.

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