How To Compare The Cost Of Installing Metal Or Shingles Roof

How To Compare The Cost Of Installing Metal Or Shingles Roof

Disposable paper pants, for around $2 a pair, are a real thing. For about $10 more you can get a pair of Levi’s jeans. You may have reasons to buy paper pants. You may have better reasons to invest in long-lasting jeans. Similarly, how do you choose between a shingle roof and a durable metal roof? How much does a metal roof cost compared to shingles?

Balancing Act

All the factors affecting pricing and value for both shingles and metal roofing have to be considered. Though it is all a balancing act, you need to give weight to the factors most important to you. Consider: 

  • Metal roofing offers a far longer lifespan (50+ years!), easier maintenance, and greater durability than shingles, which typically last 15 to 20 years
  • Shingles are unitized and mass-produced, so they can be used for just about every type of steep-slope (pitched) residential roof; if you decide against the shingle color you ordered, your roofer can reuse the entire batch elsewhere, while metal roofing is custom-cut and custom-fit for your home alone, increasing their cost
  • Because of their relatively low installation costs (without considering their high maintenance and short life), shingles are North America’s most popular residential roofing material; just about anyone can install them, while metal roofing installers are highly skilled and deservedly well paid for their labor
  • Shingles can be installed quickly because of their unitized manufacturing, while metal roofing takes longer to install; each panel is raised from ground to roof as it is installed
  • Heavier, sturdier metal roofing withstands both fire and wind better than shingles; metal roofing is wind-rated to 150 mph, while shingles are tested to 130 mph
  • Highly reflective, beautifully finished metal roofing reflects heat far better than shingles, so it is extremely energy efficient

Your Choice

The ultimate decision-maker cannot be your roofer, a real estate agent, family members, or “helpful” neighbors. Your roofing material choice is entirely yours alone. You must be comfortable with your decision, whether shingles or metal. 

If you are certain the next roof on your Iron Range or Arizona home will be the last roof you want to install, opt for a sturdy, beautiful metal roof. You will never regret your decision. 

If you own a home in Minnesota’s Iron Range or the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas of Arizona, please contact us today at Vertex Metal Roofing. We will be happy to answer all your questions about installation costs and longevity. 

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