How To Protect Your Home With Vertex Metal Roofing Services

How To Protect Your Home With Vertex Metal Roofing Services

You want to install a metal roof in Iron Range, MN, or need repairs on your current one and are wondering if Vertex Metal Roofing is the right company to hire. Worry not because we are the best and most reliable metal roofing specialists on the Iron Range and in Phoenix and Tucson of Arizona.

We specialize in metal roofing only, which distinguishes us from other contractors who offer it as one part of their roofing services. We also have a lot of proficiency and experience in delivering quality metal roofing repair, installation, replacement, and soffit and fascia services.

While we offer clients different options, we always use the best practices for our installation processes and details for a long-lasting roof.

Our services include:

Standing Seam

The standing seam roof system is our most common service. We install the permanent metal roofing system on roofs with different pitches, including as low as ¼:12 slope. In addition, we always discuss available client options, such as the various quality panels and metal gauges, grades of paint finishes, and trim pieces available. We install over 100 standing seam metal roofs annually.

Stone Coated Steel

We offer stone-coated steel roofing services for clients who prefer the look of a traditional roof but want the benefits of a well-installed metal roof. We install various stone-coated steel profiles resembling shingles, Spanish tiles, Mediterranean tiles, flat tiles, and shakes. 

Stone-coated steel is lightweight, does not require underlayment every 15 to 20 years, and does not crack, chip, or break. Additionally, we install these roofs on battens to provide extra airspace and more energy efficiency.

Metal Shake and Slate

Metal shake and slate roofing come in 4-way interlocking panels installed directly on the roof deck for roofs with pitches starting from 4:12. These roof systems offer similar benefits to other traditional metal roofs, such as energy efficiency, wind and hail resistance, and Class A fire rating. Their material is also earth-friendly and 100% recyclable. Finally, we offer a quality Kynar 500© paint finish.

Soffit, Fascia, and Wall Panels

Our detailed sheet metal work for protecting the wood in a client’s soffit and fascia achieves a clean, modern, and architectural finish to meet the look they had in mind. We work with architects, builders, and homeowners to help bring designs to life and execute them. However, we only do soffit and fascia installation with a complete roof replacement.

Hire Vertex Metal Roofing for Your Next Project

Vertex is your metal roofer of choice in Iron Range, MN, and Phoenix and Tucson metros in Arizona. We are a bonded, insured, and licensed roofer offering lifetime-guaranteed metal roofing, soffit, and fascia services. Contact us today for inquiries, your free estimate and valuation, or to hire us for your next project.

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