3 Things To Expect During Your MN or AZ Roof Replacement

3 Things To Expect During Your MN or AZ Roof Replacement

Whole books are written about what to expect with your first child, what to expect from your first year at college, or what to expect after you retire. What to expect in your roof replacement? The bookshelves are thin. Expect three things to happen with metal roof replacement.

1 — Great Communication

You are paying for a valuable service. You have a right to expect to fully comprehend the process of full roof replacement. Your roofer should explain the steps, which generally go like this, whether you are in Minnesota’s brisk wilds or Arizona’s warm embrace:

  1. Initial inspection and evaluation
  2. Written estimate, including Scope of Work
  3. Contract acceptance and signing
  4. Scheduling
  5. Roof replacement
  6. Final inspection

Expect a good roofer to provide courteous service, a detailed written estimate with no hidden fees, and updates on the project’s progress (including contact during that interminable waiting period between signing the contract and the first installation day). 

2 — Convenient Scheduling

Most residential roof replacements take between one to three days, if the weather (always fickle in Minnesota and always toasty in Arizona) allows. That does not mean the entire process is three days long. You sign your contract, accepting advice from your roofer regarding the ideal metal roofing material for your home, and then you wait. 

You wait while materials are delivered to your roofer and while your roofer finishes other clients’ roofs. Metal roofing is popular. Good metal roofing installers are scarce. 

Your scheduled roof replacement day may be three to five weeks out. That day may dawn to bad weather! Be flexible and understand that metal roofing cannot be done when snow or rain is falling, or when high winds threaten the roofing panels. 

3 — Clatter, Clash, Clang

Installation day begins as demolition day. Your old roof is removed and carted away. This tear-off includes removing roof vents, rubber boots around sanitary stacks, and underlayment. 

Your metal roof is installed one panel at a time. You hear construction noise and see highly trained technicians moving at blazing speed to install your gleaming, new metal roof with precision and care. 

At the end of the installation, your entire yard is thoroughly cleaned, your roof is inspected, and your Minnesota or Arizona home is graced with a magnificent metal crown. 

If you own a home in the Iron Range, or in the Phoenix or Tucson metropolitan areas, connect with Vertex Metal Roofing today to get clear answers to all your questions about roof replacement. 

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