Why Stone Coated Steel Roofing is the Best Choice for Durability

Stone-coated steel roofing. What is it? Does it offer critical benefits compared to other roofing options (such as asphalt, tile, composite, or wood)? Stone-coated steel is in the metal roofing family and represents the latest wave in advanced technology. Among other advantages, it offers incredible durability that translates into being the last roof replacement you will ever need.

Graph showing the life expectancy of roofing materials

The Benefits Of Steel Roofing In Terms Of Durability

The homeowner who has installed this type of steel roofing can expect their new roof to last between 50 and 70 years or longer (with minimal to no maintenance). In comparison, the average asphalt shingle roof will function for 15-30 years before requiring replacement.

Fabricated from steel sheets and coated with stone granules, this revolutionary approach to metal roofing offers unmatched robustness. This roofing alternative won’t deteriorate easily, preserving its shape, texture, and color for its duration. Why settle for a lesser roofing material when you can upgrade to the best product in the industry? Many manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty to ensure its performance and reliability.

In roofing, durability means that the material can withstand the fiercest weather elements. Stone-coated steel roofing is known to have hurricane-level resistance. It can handle wind gusts up to 170 mph (or more, in many instances.) Lightning. Hail. Rain. Snow. Ice. Heat. Humidity. No matter what outside force threatens the well-being of your metal roof, it will demonstrate the capacity to remain robust and unchanging.

Because it possesses a Class 4 rating for hail impact (the highest rating in the industry), stone-coated steel roofing refuses to crumble regardless of what external force threatens it. Falling tree limbs. Wayward debris. It does not matter. This robust yet lightweight (weighing less than 2 pounds per square foot (compared to asphalt shingles weighing between 2.3-4.5 pounds)) alternative has a proven track record of strength and resilience.

The dangers of fire are real in Arizona and Northern Minnesota. Why take a chance with a roofing material that does not possess the highest fire rating in the industry? Steel roofing offers a Class A fire rating. Minimize the possibility of a nearby blaze spreading to your home. Fires often send hot embers through the air that land on neighboring roofs, causing catastrophic loss. This roofing option won’t ignite or spread the fire.

Spanish style Home with Stone coated steel roof
Ston Coated Steel roof replacement

Hiring A Qualified Professional To Install Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

If you are considering stone-coated steel for your next roof replacement, choose your roofing professional carefully. Very few roofing companies specialize exclusively in metal roofing. Many roofing companies will tell you that they do metal roofing, among other roofing types. Avoid them if possible.

For proven results, select a reputable contractor that constructs nothing but metal roofing, including coated steel. At Vertex Metal Roofing, we dedicate all our energies to helping homeowners identify, design, and install the highest quality metal roofing in Phoenix, Tucson, and Northern Minnesota.
To schedule a complimentary consultation or receive answers to your most pressing questions, contact Vertex Metal Roofing today.

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