Do Metal Roofs Need Maintenance? How to Best Take Care of Your New Roof text

Do Metal Roofs Need Maintenance? How to Best Take Care of Your New Roof

Key among the many reasons you chose metal roofing for your home is that it requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wood shakes that split and rot over time or asphalt shingles that blow loose in strong winds, metal roofing is highly durable and long-lasting.

Still, nothing is indestructible. Metal roofing is also vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and requires proper maintenance to ensure the material is protected and reaches its full potential. When properly cared for, your metal roof will outlast most roofing materials on the market. 

Do Metal Roofs Need Maintenance? How to Best Take Care of Your New Roof

Here are helpful tips for proper metal roof maintenance.

Inspect Your Roof 

Proper metal roof maintenance begins with a roof inspection. Regular inspections can save you money long-term by identifying minor damage before it gets out of hand. Roofing experts recommend conducting biannual roof inspections when the weather is mild and after any severe weather event.

During an inspection, your roofer will check the paint for scuffs, fading, scratches, and flaking. They will also assess the material for exposure to chemicals likely to cause degradation. While the most common culprits that cause damage to your roof are rain and wind, saltwater and tree branches can also wreak havoc on your metal roofing.

Trim Tree Branches 

Branches of trees adjacent to your home can rub against your metal roof, leaving unpleasant scratches and scuffs on your metal roof. This can compromise the finish and expose the roof to further damage. And if the wind is strong over time, the tree limb limbs could fall on your roof.

So, you want to ensure the branches are trimmed and away from your roofing system. A professional tree trimming company can help you safely eliminate dangerous tree branches.

Regularly Clean Your Roof 

Every outdoor item requires regular cleaning to extend its longevity, and your metal roof is no different. Perform an annual roof cleaning to get rid of dirt, debris, and mildew from the surface of your roof. This helps prevent damage to the paint, corrosion, rust, or leaks. 

It’s important to note that metal roofs require care when walking on the surface. You might want to use a leaf blower or window cleaning brush on a long pole to clean away debris. Better yet, hire a roofing contractor to get the job done properly.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts 

Gutters and downspouts are popular spots for the buildup of sticks, leaves, and other debris. This can cause the gutter to clog and fill with water. The excess moisture can facilitate premature corrosion of your metal roof and attract pests to your home.

It’s important to clean your gutters and downspouts regularly. Also, ensure that all gutter system components are leveled and firmly attached. You could consider investing in gutter guards to keep your gutters free of debris year-round.

Check and Fix Loose Panels

Panels and seams are the main components in constructing your metal roofing system. Over time, fasteners can get loose, particularly in areas prone to severe weather conditions.

During a routine inspection, check for separating or loose panel seams. If the seams attaching the panels are loose or missing, fix them immediately to prevent leaks and subsequent water damage.

Repair or Replace Damaged Flashing

Flashing comprises things strips of metal installed along the edges and joints of your roof. It also covers areas surrounding penetrations, such as chimneys, vents, pipes, and skylights. Flashing is designed to divert water away from vulnerable parts of your metal roof.

However, flashing can crack, lift, rust, or separate. It’s one of the weakest points of your metal roof. During a professional inspection, your roofer will check the condition of the flashing sealant and caulk any gaps to prevent water damage inside your home. 

Benefits of Metal Roof Maintenance

Now that you know what metal roof maintenance looks like, it’s important to understand the importance of maintaining your roof.

Prevent costly issues: It’s easy to ignore your roof until it’s leaking. Extensive damage or complete roof replacement can be costly, especially if your roof fails prematurely due to neglect. Identifying problems and fixing them immediately is an inexpensive and relatively easy way to protect the health and lifespan of your roof.

Prolong the life of your roof: Metal roofs are designed to last between 40 and 70 years, but harsh weather conditions and neglect may cut that lifespan short. Proper maintenance allows you to keep your roofing components in great shape for decades. 

Enhanced aesthetics: Besides protecting the health of your roof, maintenance also enhances your roof’s aesthetics, which can help improve your home’s curb appeal.

Build a Good Relationship with Vertex Roofing, Inc.

When it comes to metal roof maintenance, nothing beats having a professional intimately know the age and history of your roof. Developing a good relationship with your roofing contractor means your repairs and maintenance will be prompt and effective. 

If you own a home in Northern Minnesota or Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, choose Vertex Roofing for all your metal roofing services. We install metal roofing and nothing but metal roofing, so we know what needs to be done to set up a strong future for your roof. We are your trusted partner. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our metal roofing experts.

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