Why You Should Go With Metal When Your Shingle Roof Wears Out

Why You Should Go With Metal When Your Shingle Roof Wears Out

Jonathan, the world’s oldest known tortoise at 190 years old, is aging with style. Though he has lived through 40 U.S. presidents, he still enjoys the charms of Emma, a female Seychelles giant tortoise. Jonathan is aging well. Are our roofs as lucky? Here is how to know if your shingle roof is aging. 

Everything Ages

Cheeses. Fine wines. Some memes. Many things aside from Jonathan age well. Shingle roofs do not age well. They wear out, seldom making the three-decade mark. Despite “lifetime warranties” from major shingle manufacturers, most shingle roofs in harsh climates (such as snowy Minnesota and toasty Arizona) do not survive past 20 years. 


Your shingle roof has been sending you clear signals of its advanced age. Stay off the roof, but from an extension ladder, look for:

  • Granules in gutters
  • Faded color
  • Dark streaks
  • Keystoning, or widening, of spaces between shingle tabs
  • Cupped, split, curled, crazed, or missing shingles
  • Shingles celebrating their 20th anniversary on your roof

Add a history of significant storms, freeze-and-thaw cycles, ice dams, repairs, and blunt impacts from tree limbs or sports equipment (thanks, kids!), and you have an aged, degraded shingle roof. 

Not Equal

Not all shingle roofs are equal. Adding to the immediate signs are these factors:

  • The quality of the original installation
  • The price level of the original shingles, from economy three-tab up to deep-cut architectural shingles
  • Past leaks — once a roof leaks, it is likely to leak again

Make it Metal

If you know you need a new roof to replace a worn-out shingle roof, go with metal. Metal roofs:

  • Last many times longer than shingles
  • Add curb appeal and home value
  • Are naturally energy efficient
  • Easier to maintain than shingle roofs
  • Require almost no repair work over their lifespans
  • Are 100 percent recyclable

If you plan to remain in your beloved Minnesota home for at least three more decades, a metal roof will save you money. Though up-front installation costs are higher than shingle roofs, the metal roof has a clear, long-term financial advantage. You would need three shingle roofs to equal the lifespan of one metal roof. Vertex Roofing in northern Minnesota stands ready to install a long-lasting, beautiful metal roof on your home. Contact us today to learn more about the durability, economy, and easy maintenance of a metal roof.

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