5 Reasons Why DIY Is The Most Costly Way To Get A Metal Roof

5 Reasons Why DIY Is The Most Costly Way To Get A Metal Roof

Leonid Rogozov is one of the ultimate Do-It-Yourselfers. In 1961 he operated on himself to remove his own infected appendix. We recommend against self-surgery and DIY metal roofing installation

1: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Warranties

Give up the idea of hiring trained, skilled professionals for expert metal roofing installation, and you also give up the valuable roofing materials warranty. Who will you turn to if the metal roofing materials or your installation efforts are faulty? 

2: Not My Work

If you make a basic error in installing your own metal roof, you might try to call in a knowledgeable roofer to correct the error. You may have a very hard time finding such a person, though. 

No highly skilled craftsman will accept liability for another person’s mistakes. In many cases, the roofer brought in to fix your installation will begin by removing most of your metal roof before starting over. You will pay a pricey premium for that. 

3: Know-How

Sure, we live in The Information Age, where knowledge pours out of our phones and laptops. But installing a metal roof takes a lot more training and understanding than you can gather just watching a few DIY videos.

Suppose you do begin installing your metal roof yourself. When (not if) you get stumped, how will you finish the job? Your only option: hire an experienced, trained metal roofing specialist to bail you out. Please see Item #2, above. 

4: I Got This, But I Don’t Got That

DIYers may feel they have all the right training and tools for flawless metal roof installation. But say you own a metal brake. Is it powerful enough to bend metal roofing panels, not just thin flashing?

Professional roofers who install metal roofing full-time have a wide, expensive array of specialty tools. You probably have a few pairs of tinsnips and a cordless drill. You begin with a serious disadvantage. 

5: Slip and Fall

Roofing is one of the highest-risk professions. You endanger yourself, your family, your home, and your future livelihood with your secret identity as Super Metal Roofing Installation Man.

Even simply navigating an extension ladder is tricky; some homeowners climb up but cannot climb down (really). For the ultimate in metal roofing safety, hire professionals! Please contact us today at Vertex Roofing to learn much more about our complete metal roofing services available in northern Minnesota or the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. At Vertex, we’re big enough to serve, small enough to care.

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