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What is The Best Color of Metal Roof for Energy Savings?

Metal roofs are a top choice for homeowners in Arizona thanks to their energy efficiency. With the sun blazing down on roofs in Tucson and Phoenix for most of the year, energy bills can be costly. Installing a metal roof can help boost energy savings and lower your bills. However, different factors affect how much energy efficiency metal roofing provides, including its color. What’s the best color for a metal roof for energy savings? We’ll answer that in this article.

Types of Metal Roofs

Available colors for metal roofs depend partly on the type of roofing system you choose. While some metal roofs have limited color options, other types have a wide range to choose from.

Natural metal roofs are known for their naturalistic beauty. These roofs, made of zinc, copper, or other natural metals, start off looking one color and then undergo a natural patina process which changes them as they age. 

Painted metal roofs offer a greater selection of colors. These roofs, usually made of steel or aluminum, can be painted in solid colors and they can also be painted to resemble other roofing materials or textures, such as weathered metal. Choosing a painted metal roof gives you more colors to consider to find the ideal color for energy savings.

Stone-coated steel roofs also offer tons of color options to choose from. In addition to various hues, this type of roof is designed to look like tile, slate, wood shake, or shingles.

Find the Best Color of Metal Roof for Energy Savings

With so many types and colors to consider, which one should you choose for the highest energy savings? No matter which type of metal roof you prefer, using the lightest shade available can help you save more energy.

A general rule of thumb to follow is the lighter you go, the more energy efficiency you’ll get from your metal roof. What’s behind this rule? Learning how metal roofing provides energy efficiency can help you understand this. Metal roofs are able to release the sun’s heat better than other roofing materials. This helps prevent your roof from absorbing heat and warming up the inside of your home on hot summer days. In addition to this thermal property, the color of metal roofing also affects its energy efficiency.

Metal roofs with a lighter color will naturally reflect the sun’s rays more than one with a darker color. This helps keep home interiors cooler in summer, resulting in less air conditioning usage. When you choose a lighter-colored metal roof, you won’t need to rely on your AC as much, even in the middle of summer. Since AC is a high source of energy usage in homes, this can save you significant money on your utility bills.

What happens if you choose a metal roof with a darker color? Metal roofs in darker colors, such as black, bronze, or dark brown, will naturally be less energy efficient than metal roofs with lighter colors.  However, if you had your heart set on a darker color for that rich look, don’t let that scare you away from it. A metal roof is still going to be the most energy efficient roof choice you can make. Plus, different types of paint will impact this too as not all paint finishes are the same.  In fact, you could have two roofs that look the same at first, but due to a different type of paint finish one will be more energy efficient than the other.

Which Color to Choose for Your Home

You don’t necessarily have to choose the lightest color possible for your metal roof. Certainly any lighter shade of metal roofing will help lower your energy costs if that is your primary focus. For most people though, the right color roof for their home depends on a few factors, such as its architectural style and the color of your siding or other exterior walls. The right color can really enhance your home’s appearance and value.

How can you ensure you find the best color metal roof that suits your home? A reputable metal roofer can help you review your options and choose the best type and color of metal roofing system. Your metal roofer can also tell you how much energy efficiency you can expect from your new metal roof.

Hire a Reliable Roofer for Metal Roof Installation

When looking for a local roofing company for metal roof installation, count on Vertex Metal Roofing. As metal roofing specialists, Vertex has more in-depth experience installing metal roofs for homeowners than general roofing contractors who work with various materials. This helps you get highly qualified and skilled metal roofing experts to design, manufacture, and install your new roof.

At Vertex, we know all about metal roofs. Our knowledge and experience mean you can depend on us to help you select the perfect metal roof color for your home. We’ll also ensure you choose a color that offers the right combination of energy savings and aesthetics to meet your needs.

If you’re considering a metal roof for your home, contact Vertex Metal Roofing. Our roofing company specializes in metal roofing for customers in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

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