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 How Do Roofing Contractors Come Up With Estimates For Roof Replacement?

If you have a worn or older roof, it’s time to look into getting a replacement before leaks and other problems develop. While comparing roofing contractors for a roof replacement, you can expect to get an estimate from each one. These estimates often seem expensive to homeowners, which can be frustrating, but there are several factors involved.

What goes into estimating a replacement cost? The following factors are all part of figuring out how much a new roof will cost.

Cost of Materials

The materials needed for your new roof are a big part of the estimate. The cost of roofing materials can vary, depending on which type you get, along with other factors. For example, metal roofs typically cost more than asphalt shingle roofs, although they have a longer life expectancy.

The cost of materials also includes other components of your new roof, such as underlayment, soffit, fascia, shingle nails, and flashing. Your estimate will increase depending upon the amount of these types of materials that are needed to envelop your roof. 

Shipping Costs

The cost to ship materials also affects the estimate you get. Expect shipping costs to be higher if you need materials shipped over long distances. Shipping costs are also higher based on the weight of materials your new roof needs.

Labor Costs

Several factors influence labor costs. Some of these factors are roof access, current labor rates (which vary with inflation & insurance costs factoring in), and the size of your home. For example, labor costs tend to be higher if workers have a more difficult time getting onto and off the roof. This requires extra time and care, resulting in more hours of labor.

Labor costs can also go up based on the complexity of your roof replacement. If workers need to remove an old roof and install a new one in several areas, such as porches, dormer windows, and around vents and other protrusions, this also leads to higher labor costs.

Fuel Costs

The cost of fuel can drive up your estimate. These costs can vary, depending on the distance a roofing company has to drive to and from your home, as well as how often they need to come to your home to replace your roof. Longer distances and more frequent trips to and from your home can result in a higher estimate.

Overhead Costs

Overhead expenses are another factor that can affect your estimate. Roofing companies include these costs, along with all other elements, when coming up with an estimate for your roof replacement.

Maintenance of Equipment

Roofing companies need to keep all of the equipment they use in good working condition in order to provide roofing services. Maintaining this equipment can be a factor that goes into roof replacement estimates.

Home Size

The size of your home has a direct impact on the estimate you receive. Your house size affects the square footage of new roofing that is needed. Keep in mind that a ranch home tends to have more roofing square footage compared to homes with two or more stories. The total square footage of roofing needed includes the main part of your home, as well as any other areas that have a roof, such as a porch.

Roof Pitch and Slope

The slope and pitch of your roof are other factors that affect your estimate. A steeper roof is more difficult for workers to install since extra care must be taken to prevent slips and falls. A roof with a lower slope or pitch is typically easier to install, which can result in a lower estimate. Installing a new roof with a steep slope often includes higher labor costs.

Other Factors

A few other factors are usually included when calculating a roof replacement estimate. These include the cost of building permits to have this kind of work done and the waste factor. The waste factor refers to materials that aren’t used, such as pieces of overlapping roofing on roof valleys or hips. Other factors that might be included in your estimate are material disposal fees, ventilation if your current roof has inadequate ventilation and extended warranties.

Detailed Estimates

When you get an estimate from a roofing contractor, keep in mind that it should include a breakdown of all costs and fees. This allows you to look over the details of your estimate and see how the contractor arrived at that amount. Having a detailed assessment also gives you a chance to ask for clarification on any costs or fees that you’re unsure about. Your roofing contractor should be able to explain all of the costs and expenses that went into calculating your estimate.

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