Metal Roofing Pros And Cons To Consider Before A Roof Replacement

Metal Roofing Pros And Cons To Consider Before A Roof Replacement

Some decisions are easy—chocolate or vanilla? Some decisions are hard—metal roofing or asphalt shingles? Laying out metal roofing pros and cons can help you see the right choice for you and your Arizona home. 

Analysis Paralysis

When you need a new roof, you have the trifecta of pressure as a Tucson or Phoenix homeowner: 

  • Not a lot of time to decide
  • Real risk of a regrettable decision
  • Financial constraints

You cannot afford to ignore the need for a new roof, but you also cannot afford to make a bad call. That is why many Tucson homeowners suffer analysis paralysis—they freeze up in the face of making that decision. 

A great way to break through the decision-making dread is to use a handy tool like qualitative pros and cons. It is a simple T-chart with Pros (advantages) written down the paper on the left and Cons (disadvantages) listed on the right. 

You might need to follow up the T-chart with more detailed comparisons through a Decision Matrix Analysis. With that, choices run vertically along one side of your chart with factors across the width. You might have four roofing choices, such as, “Metal Roofing, Shingles, Shakes, Composite Roofing” down the left and factors like, “Installation Cost, Time, Lifespan, and Maintenance” across. 

Here to Help

Most residential roofers are eager to help Arizona homeowners find their way through complicated decisions. And—even though we exclusively sell metal roofing—we at Vertex Roofing know the perfect, all-purpose roofing product does not exist. Metal roofing may not be ideal for your situation, but we are here to help you uncover answers. 

For a simple Pros and Cons list, consider these good and bad attributes for metal roofing. Among the advantages of metal roofing, consider:

  1. Energy efficiency—Ah, the Arizona sun! Friendly, yet fierce; radiant heat is repelled by a metal roof, while shingle roofing absorbs heat and makes your HVAC system work harder
  2. Lightweight—A lot of Southwestern roofs use terra cotta or concrete tile, weighing in at around 750 to 900 pounds per 100 square feet against metal roofing’s typical 50 to 150 pounds per 100 square feet
  3. Longevity—You will be hard-pressed to equal the typical 50-year lifespan of a new, elegant metal roof; shingles usually last around 20 years (often less)
  4. Lower long-term cost—Though installation cost is higher than shingles, maintenance is almost non-existent; you also will not need to replace the metal roof for some five decades, saving on full roof replacement costs

Full Disclosure

We fully admit that no roofing material works perfectly for all homes. Metal roofing does have one or two minor “Cons” that work against metal roofs capping every Arizona home:

  1. Extremely specialized installation—Metal roofing is not the one-day, down-and-dirty installation that shingles are; the proper measuring, cutting, fitting and attachment of a metal roof is a highly prized (and rare) skill among roofers
  2. Higher installation cost—With the materials being as rugged and durable as they are, and installation being as technical and precise as it must be, installation costs of a metal roof are noticeably higher than costs for a shingle roof

Decisions, Decisions

If you look carefully at the two lists, you can suss out one major factor in choosing between a handsome, sturdy metal roof and common asphalt shingles: time. 

  • If you plan to occupy your Phoenix-area or Tucson-area home for decades, invest in a fine, new metal roof
  • If you plan to hit the road in a year or two and sell your current house, you will never recoup your investment in the prestige and beauty of a long-wearing metal roof; prospective buyers will not pay a premium for your decision

Metal roofing signals commitment, command, and authority. You show yourself as a planner, investor, and stakeholder when you opt for the full splendor and strength of a metal roof. You are announcing that you will shrug off the harsh Arizona weather cycles, stand firm upon your property, and enjoy a trouble-free roof for your lifetime. 

Shingle roofs say none of that. Shingle roofs signal a go-along, get-along mindset that joins the crowd. Shingle roofs satisfy the here and now; metal roofs peer confidently into the bright and beautiful future. 


A metal roof for your Arizona home is a covenant you make with the land. It may be the ideal answer for your life and plans, or you may be happier with a shingle roof. The decision is yours, but we would like to help you reach it. Connect with us today at Vertex Roofing. We can assist with your decision between metal and any other residential roofing material. If a gleaming new metal roof is right for your Arizona home, we will say so. And if you would be better off with some other product, we’ll let you know that, too.

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