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What Are The Benefits Of A Metal Roof In Hail?

When comparing different roofing materials for a new roof, it’s essential to choose one that can withstand severe weather. Metal roofs provide notable advantages in areas that are prone to hail, strong winds, or both. Learn more about the benefits of a metal roof in hail and windy weather.


Metal roofs are made to withstand being hit by hail or buffeted by strong winds. When you have a metal roof on your home, you won’t have to worry about having parts of it come loose as you would with a shingle or tile roof. Metal roofs are also able to handle hail without being at risk of other kinds of significant damage.

Puncture Resistance

Large pieces of hail or debris being thrown around in the wind can puncture certain kinds of roofing materials. This can easily lead to leaks and extensive water damage. Metal roofs are resistant to punctures from hail and debris, such as tree branches. Although metal roofs might end up with dents, these won’t penetrate through to the wood decking underneath. This helps protect your home from water damage.

Fire Resistance

Having a roof with fire resistance is crucial when you live in an area that gets severe weather. Storms that produce hail often come with lightning as well, which can lead to fires if it hits your roof. While some roofing materials can easily catch fire, metal roofs are fire-resistant. With a metal roof on your home, you won’t have to worry about a house fire if lightning strikes.


Since metal roofs are strong enough to handle hail, they’re less likely to sustain damage from this kind of weather. Other roofing materials can end up deteriorating or becoming brittle after exposure to hail and other types of severe weather. A metal roof provides a durable and long-lasting roofing system to protect your interior from the elements.

Expert Installation

If you decide to choose a metal roof for your home, make sure that it’s properly installed. This helps ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits that metal roofs have to offer.

If you’re thinking of getting a metal roof for your home, contact Vertex Roofing today. Our roofing team has years of experience installing metal roofs for homeowners in the Northern Minnesota area and also the Tucson and Phoenix metro areas.

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