Natural or Painted Metal Roofs.

Metal Roofing Face-Off: Natural vs. Painted Metal Roofs – Which is Best for Your Home?

Today, metal roofing stands as one of the fastest-growing and most popular roofing materials for residential purposes. Homeowners appreciate its versatility, longevity, and durability. A homeowner’s metal roof no longer has to look like corrugated tin. Quite the contrary, metal can be forged into many finishes, colors, and shapes (including asphalt shingle, cedar shake, and clay tile). 

For many homeowners, the decision between natural (unpainted) versus painted metal roofs has them questioning which option works best for their particular situation. Both roofing alternatives have advantages worth considering. When evaluating which metal roof to select, you will want to examine the features of each choice and how they comport with your needs and preferences.

Painted metal roof.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Natural Or Painted Metal Roofs


When comparing alternatives, the question of affordability serves an essential role. In most cases, the same metal material costs more to paint than if applied to the home naturally without a coat of paint. This price difference can impact whether the homeowner should choose a natural or painted finish.


Metal roofing panels fabricated to allow painting enable the homeowner to select a color or color combination that meets their preferences.

For the homeowner with a particular or unique taste in their color palette, this factor carries substantial weight when deciding between natural or painted metal roofing.

Geographic Location

A home situated in a region more susceptible to the corrosive effects of weathering may benefit from selecting a painted metal roof over a natural one. However, this determination is not universal because certain types of natural metal roofing offer similar or superior erosion resistance than painted metal.

The Benefits Of Natural Or Unpainted Metal Roofing


No other roofing material provides more strength and stability than natural metal. This sturdy alternative offers incredible resistance to hail, wind, rain, and outside forces.

Easy Installation

When done correctly, expert roofing professionals will attest that natural metal roofing (especially in the form of a series of standing seam panels) is fast and easy to install.

copper metal roof.

Enduring Natural Beauty

Frequently forged from copper or zinc, natural metal roofing delivers an incredible aesthetic that will last for decades. This longevity ensures the home maintains a consistent look.


Many homeowners don’t realize that natural metal roofs weigh much less than non-metal materials. This weight difference reduces stress on the home’s structural components.


Homeowners often prefer natural metal roofing because it offers a virtually maintenance-free solution. Requiring minimal upkeep, homeowners can redirect their energies elsewhere.

The Benefits Of Painted Metal Roofing

Corrosion Resistance

Painted metal roofing is known for its enhanced ability to resist outside elements, including sunlight and moisture. The paint coating provides an additional layer of protection.

Cost Efficiency

Roofing professionals testify that painted metal roofing can experience a lifespan of up to three times as much as an unpainted one. Fewer roof replacement costs equate to savings.

Energy Savings

A painted metal roof reflects sunlight, naturally keeping the home’s interior cooler during warmer months. Consequently, the homeowner experiences savings on cooling costs.

Enhanced Fire Resistance

Metal has a high melting point. It is also flame-retardant and offers a Class 4 Rating. Fire-resistant paint (i.e., waterborne intumescent paint) provides additional protection.

Environmental Sustainability

The reflective quality of painted metal roofing diminishes the heat build-up in a home’s interior. With a reduced need for cooling, this roofing alternative is eco-friendly.

Higher Resale Value

A painted metal roof allows the potential buyer to appreciate the color customization selected or the ability to repaint the existing roof to a color or colors of their choosing.

Improved Curb Appeal

For the discerning homeowner seeking to stay current with the latest color trends, the capacity to paint their metal roof allows them to create a sleek, modern home aesthetic.


Because adding a paint coating offers enhanced protection against external forces, homeowners with painted metal roofing often enjoy a roof with a longer life expectancy.


Typically forged from steel or aluminum, painted metal roofs can be formed into standing seam or exposed fastener panels or give the appearance of asphalt shingles or wood shakes.

Natural Or Painted Metal Roofs: A Matter Of Preference

If you own a home and have an interest in pursuing metal roofing for your next project, talk with a knowledgeable roofing company today. Specifically, consult with a contractor with the expertise to navigate you through the metal roofing options available to homeowners.

Very few, if any, roofing companies work primarily or exclusively with metal roofing. How come? Metal roofing is challenging to design and install without years of formal education and experience. Most contractors are novices when it comes to handling metal roofing.

Don’t take chances when hiring a roofing contractor to construct your next metal roof. Choose wisely. Choose Vertex Metal Roofing. With locations in Phoenix, Tucson, and Northern Minnesota, we are the unmatched leader in metal roofing. Contact us today to learn more.

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