7 Tools Your Roofer Needs To Install Your New Metal Roof

7 Tools Your Roofer Needs To Install Your New Metal Roof

Most homeowners have some kind of toolbox. Sure, it might only be a kitchen drawer, but we will guess you have at least a hammer, some pliers, and a few screwdrivers. Could you install a glistening new metal roof with those? Nope. Here are seven tools essential for professional metal roof installation

Have You Heard of These?

If you are the handy sort of homeowner, you may well know some of these tools, but you may not even know how a metal roofing contractor uses them. Check out these seven tools:

  1. Fastener Drivers—Metal roofing is installed with fasteners, not nails; fasteners are driven into battens and sheathing with precision and force, so fastener drivers are essential
  2. Electric Swivel Head Metal Shears—Sure, it’s a mouthful to say, but hand-trimmed, accurately fitting metal roofing panels demand tools that cut through thick metal like scissors cut through paper
  3. Nibblers—We are not referring to snack time on your roof; nibblers, looking something like electric drills, take tiny bites out of metal to cut straight lines and curves
  4. Blade Cutters—Imagine a paper trimmer, but muscled up to cut through sheet steel; blade cutters allow our roofers to cut metal in one efficient motion
  5. Metal Snips—At some point, every metal roof needs a skilled craftsman to fine-tune the fit, and hand-held metal snips are the only answer
  6. Training—Gotcha! Not even the most skillful DIYer has the training needed to expertly install durable, beautiful metal roofing, but our installers do!
  7. Experience—Installing only metal roofs day upon day, week after week, our technicians are ready to draw on their vast experience to solve even the knottiest installation challenge

Why You Should Care

We flash this list not to impress you, the homeowner, with our extensive tool collection (though they are all really fun to use; just ask us!). Every tool improves efficiency, lowering installation costs. Every tool boosts precision, helping your new metal roof to withstand half a century of Arizona weather. 

If you turn to a handyman service or a roofer claiming to install “all types of roofs,” you start at a deficit. Your new metal roof may be doomed before the first fastener is driven. You need a roofer specializing in metal roofing, equipped with all the right tools.

Phoenix and Tucson area homeowners turn to Vertex Metal Roofing for high-quality installation of sturdy, beautiful metal roofing. Contact us today to learn more about the care, skills, and tools we bring to your home’s new metal roof.

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